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Meet Carron Perry

Carron Perry
Financial Advisor, Prudential Advisors
NAWBO Membership Committee
As a Financial Advisor with Prudential Advisors
I work with individuals, families and businesses to address their financial challenges.  This includes evaluating current financial needs and goals, developing a strategy to address them, and periodically reviewing these goals and strategies as you progress through life and business stages.  In addition, I work collaboratively with your professional advisors such as your accountant and attorney.
Tell us about your business journey/experience:
Hello, my name is Carron Perry and I am a Financial Advisor at Prudential Advisors.  I have been working here for 3 years.  Prior to working at Prudential, I worked as a chiropractor for 13 years.  People often say to me - "What a change!"  And yes it is, but I like to help people and where I used to help them with their physical health, now I help them build a safe financial future for themselves and their families.
Do you have a "story from the trenches" to share?
Over the past 6 months I was having trouble getting new clients and I became very frustrated and couldn't understand what the problem was. Then I realized that I was simply not doing the basics of new client acquisition - it was really my own fault. Realizing that was empowering.  Then I could take responsibility and start doing what I needed to do in order to get new clients pouring in.  The answer was very simple - I needed to call more people and ask for more appointments.
Family? Hobbies? Any work-life balance tips? 
My schedule is very flexible. Sometimes I think that means that I work all the time. But then I flip it around and realize that I get to attend all of my children's school events and functions, and stay home with them if they are sick. And because of that luxury, yes I may need to work on the weekends or in the evenings. It's really a great trade off. And where it is easy to get in work mode on the weekends, I really am much more efficient if I take non-work breaks. For example, a few weeks ago, I did some house decorating and organizing and I was totally energized afterward! I was able to work much more quickly and happily when I finally sat down to work. My goal is to do no work on Saturdays but to focus on family and fun that day, then do work as necessary on Sundays.
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