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Meet Damaris Welles, Director of DETAILS Organizing It All

Damaris Welles
Director, DETAILS Organizing It All
DETAILS Organizing It All provides de-cluttering, organizing, and productivity services to individuals, families, and small businesses. We work side by side with clients to help them solve their organizing challenges and reach their organization goals, so they have more time to do the things they want to do. Every individual needs an organizing technique based on the way she/he thinks and processes information, so we design personalized systems to enable clients to stay organized more efficiently.
Tell us about your business journey/experience:
My journey to becoming a professional organizer was not a linear one!
I completed college, with a degree in behavioral ecology, intending to do field research a la Jane Goodall. However, marriage and children intervened.
While raising my family, I did benefit/event planning for non-profits and private schools. Once the children were launched, I decided to start my own business instead of heading back to Africa.
Why did you decide to own your own business?
Becoming an entrepreneur was somewhat natural for me. My father was an inventor and started numerous businesses to sell his inventions.
My goal in starting the business was to be able to serve clients for whom I could make a significant difference by reducing their anxiety and stress and helping them create peaceful, productive spaces.
Having the flexibility to set my own schedule was an enticement, as well.
Naturally, being a small business owner has been more challenging than I anticipated. I love working with clients, and that's where my strengths lie. Some of the other stuff I must do, like marketing, I don't love so much.
Family? Hobbies? Any work-life balance tips?
Although working as a biologist did not become my career, working to help
animals became my avocation. I was a volunteer at the Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center for 16 years and worked in companion animal rescue
for the last 15 years. My children grew up in a home with loads of animals and developed an affinity for the natural world. We have a cabin on an island in Ontario, Canada, which is our favorite summer retreat.
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