Meet Denise Watson | NAWBO

Meet Denise Watson

Owner, Vivify HCG Weight Loss & Mindful Eating Tableware


Tell us about your business journey/experience. Is there a surprising tidbit we can share about you or your history?

I had worked in the health care industry for over 25 years when I was ready for a change. I still wanted to work with individuals to help them maintain their health or improve their health. I had been pretty athletic and healthy all my life, but like most women, I struggled with carrying a few extra pounds. I thought I was eating appropriately and healthfully and I was exercising as well. My husband, who was practicing as an Ob/Gyn at the time, was introduced to the HCG protocol (a therapy that balances the hormones and results in loss of body fat).  Of course, I thought it sounded crazy because the typical patient eats only about 500 calories each day. My science background taught me that one would go hungry, lose muscle and slow their metabolism with just 500 calories per day. He was intrigued and put himself on the protocol and lost 35 lbs in 30 days while feeling awesome. Suddenly, I was a believer. I began the protocol shortly after and lost 20 lbs in 30. 

This was back in 2008 and by the end of 2009 I had opened the first HCG weight loss clinic in Minneapolis. 

The protocol physically heals the body, but most people need to heal their relationship with food and their bodies as well. Most people don't eat because of physical need (hunger). During the protocol, hunger is satisfied with just 500 calories of food which exposes the dysfunctional behaviors we have with food which are the reason for the excess body fat in the first place. Anytime we eat without being hungry (stress, boredom, celebration, procrastination) the body must store that excess fuel away as fat. So, the protocol is used as a tool to recognize and resolve the behaviors that create the body fat as well as reducing it. 

This is where the idea for Mindful Eating Tableware came in. Because clients were recognizing that their impulse to eat was driven by something other than hunger, (and I myself needed help staying "present" while eating), I made my dinner plates with mindful eating reminders placed around the edges. Rather than eating habitually or emotionally, the plates help to continually bring the eaters awareness back to their meal and creates the pause needed to notice their physical and emotional needs at that time. It's easy to go into autopilot when we sit down to a meal, but the reminders to "stay present, slow down, be grateful, eat guilt free, and taste pleasure" help the eater to pay attention and eat more appropriately. They help the user to begin to recognize what it is that they are truly "hungry" for. 

Do you have a “story from the trenches” to share that could help another woman business owner on her journey?

With both of my businesses, I have the opportunity to help clients heal physically and emotionally when they become more mindful about what is behind their behaviors with food. 

I would recommend that women interested in owning their own business make sure that they love what they do and that what they do contributes to the betterment of others. Using your talents to help others creates a sense of fulfillment that cannot be matched by income. 

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