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Meet Kelly Pratt

Kelly Pratt
Founder & Saloniere, Creative Rhythm Studio & So, do it! Salons
Creative Rhythm Studio was founded on four core beliefs: 1. Everyone is creative 2. Ideas are living things; 3. When in your unique creative rhythm, you do your best work; and 4. "Smart women Crave Community."  Our mission is to guide you to your unique "creative rhythm" and get your genius ideas into the worldWe make that happen by bringing together other creative thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs in the "So Do It! Salons for making sh!t happen," and the Online Community, in retreats and workshops, and through products that support the mission.
Tell us about your business journey/experience. Is there a surprising tidbit we can share about you or your history?
My career has been interesting and varied!  I started in business school but that changed because of a paper I wrote in my Psychology class my senior year. It was a paper about the psychology of personality and how to apply them to our lives. As I was writing, I revealed (to my professor and to myself!) that a big regret was that I hadn't continued my dance training.  He wrote "So, do it!!" - large and in red ink on the paper.  And I did! Walked across campus, joined a "dance for stage" class (that happened to be taught by one of Bob Fossee's former assistants!) and was asked to audition for his company.
That was the end of my business career and the beginning of my career in the creative industries. I've never looked back. Honoring my own natural "creative rhythm" has tken me down very interesting paths and given me a wealth of knowledge and experience that I never could have planned for.  And now, as a coach (certified by Martha Beck) I can pay it forward! 
Why did you decide to own your own business? 
In a word:  Pantyhose. I just couldn't wear them anymore.  I noticed that, after after being told about this particular required conformity in a job interview in 2007, that my body had a very visceral and very negative response.  I paid attention.  It was after that interview while perusing in a bookstore that I saw two things.  The first was an article called "Martha Beck's Five (New) Best Pieces of Advice" in O Magazine.  The subheadline was "why we should all 'work like dogs'."  I didn't know who Martha Beck was, but I thougth she was nuts - until I read on and she said "..have you ever watched a dog?  They only do what's easy, effortless and natural."  That I could agree with!
Then I found a book called THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR that should me I could plan my business my way. Thinking through my SWOT analysis using images?! That I can do!  Using mindmaps to make sense of structure!  What relief... no spreadsheets!!! Whew!  I went home and started planning!  The rest is history.
When and why did you join NAWBO-MN? 
I was invited by my business coach, Barbara Zuleger to last summer's speed networking event and loved it. Shortly after that meeting I had coffee with Amy Lokken - who I hadn't seen in more than a year.  She said that her increased success over the past year was in a large part due to her involvement with NAWBO. Who can argue with that! Then I learned that NAWBO works for public policy change.  That clinched it. I joined NAWBO soon after.
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