Meet Mary Albright | NAWBO

Meet Mary Albright

Fascinate Certified Advisor | Mary Albright Consulting

President | Starbird Association


Tell us why you joined NAWBO?

I’d been in some groups and hadn’t really found the “right” one. I’m not one to sign up for membership in everything that came along. If I’m in, I’m in with both feet. I wanted something where there’s something in it for me, but also something for me to be involved with in the organization. There needs to be a win-win. With NAWBO, there seemed to be women from all walks of life and business. The obstacles women business owners face are best understood by other women. I felt this might be the best place for me. That was nearly 4 years ago.


What’s NAWBO done for you and your business?

I’ve gotten some business through my NAWBO membership. More importantly, I’ve made connections with other women who are invested in my success.


You’re one of the few members in our chapter that operate both a for-profit and a non-profit. How did that happen?
I enjoy my consulting work, but am one of those people with a wide array of interests. In another life, I was an engineer. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and the workforce needs our world has now and in the future is hugely important. Right now, a lot of resources are pushed at younger kids, not at the teenagers who are making life decisions about their careers. While I’m doing some work in youth leadership, STEM and aerospace as a Cadet Programs Officer in the Civil Air Patrol, I wanted to expand that mission. In trying to find an organization to be involved in that met these missions in Minnesota - there wasn’t one. So with two friends, we formed our nonprofit, the Starbird Association, in 2018. Our goal is to engage more teens in STEM and aerospace as well as gain philanthropic partners and supporters in the community.

We want these kids to pursue careers in STEM, whether it’s certificate program or university degree program. We’re working locally to build this grassroots movement to make Minnesota #SpaceNorth, the Midwest hub for the space industry in the United States.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining NAWBO?

Check out your local chapter. Attend events and get to know the people. You’ll probably find the culture of this organization is what you need as a woman business owner to grow and thrive, whatever that means for you and your business.


Just for fun, share one thing about yourself that makes you, you!

I have self-diagnosed O.D.D. ~ Obsessive Disney Disorder.

There’s no 12 step program. The magic is real. :-)



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