NAWBO-Gusto Reports Shine Light on Women Business Owner Experiences During Pandemic | NAWBO

NAWBO-Gusto Reports Shine Light on Women Business Owner Experiences During Pandemic

In the first quarter of 2021, NAWBO and Gusto partnered to survey 1,199 female business owners across industries about their experiences during the COVID pandemic and resulting recession. 

The first in a series of reports from the survey, “How the Pandemic’s Childcare Crisis Impacted Women-owned Businesses and Altered their Future,” examines the effect school and childcare disruptions have had on women business owners and their businesses, with a particular focus on those with school-aged children. The report also delves into how these disruptions have altered women business owners’ plans for the future and what they need to survive and thrive beyond the pandemic. Read it now.

The second in this series of reports, “Who Started Businesses During the Pandemic? A Survey of Women Starting Businesses During COVID,” shows that 5 percent of the women business owners surveyed started a new business during COVID. The report analyzes who these entrepreneurs are and their motivation for starting a business during a pandemic. Read it now.

The third in this series of reports, "Providing for those Who Provide: A Report on Breadwinning Women Business Owners & their Critical Role in the Economic Recovery."  This report dives into the world of women business owners who are the sole and primary providers for their households, examining their many responsibilities and the importance of their inclusion in this nascent economic recovery. Read it now.

In the second survey, we collected responses from 1,341 NAWBO members between May 3 and 14, 2021, asking questions across three main themes: the re-opening and the “new normal” of the American economy,  the economic challenges that remain and tools business owners need to grow, and public policies to support women-owned businesses. The report is entitled, "Re-opening for Business: the Tools, Tech and Policies Women Need to Succeed." Read it now.