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  • Yvonne Pedersen, Always Green NM August 28, 2019

    Yvonne Pedersen, owner of Always Green NM, shares a "fun fact" about herself, and explains how her business "found" her.

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  • Gwenyth Lewis, Legal Shield August 28, 2019

    NAWBO NM member Gwenyth Lewis, of Legal Shield, discusses how she "found" her business, or more accurately how IT found her. Also, learn a little-known fun fact about her.

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  • DJ Heckes, Exhib-it! August 28, 2019

    Meet NAWBO NM member and Past President DJ Heckes, owner of Exhib-it!. DJ explains how she "found" her business or it "found" her.

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  • How to get the most out of your Spotlight Video, Part 1 August 27, 2019

    Each month NAWBO features three business women in the video spotlight segment of the newsletter. You can also see all the previous month’s videos NAWBO New Mexico’s You Tube channel. Did you know that you can use these videos to benefit your business as well? Since you are the face of your business it is important that your clients see and hear from you. And since you have a great video to get started, why not use it on your all of your business pages? Here are five ways you can use these videos to your advantage. And remember to add good descriptions so they can be found easily.

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  • Angie Thurman, Premier Designs Jewelry August 22, 2019

    Meet Angie Thurman of Premier Designs. Learn the most important thing she knows now that she wishes she had known when she started her business.


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  • Amanda Davis, Business Solutions by Design August 22, 2019

    Meet Amanda Davis, one of our amazing members of the NAWBO New Mexico Chapter. Today, she's sharing what gives her the most joy in her business.


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  • Jeanette Harris, Total Body Wellness August 22, 2019

    Who are the women of NAWBO New Mexico? Meet Jeannette Harris, owner of Total Body Wellness. In this video, learn what brings her the most joy in her business.


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  • Andrea Carvey, Drumfire August 16, 2019

    Andrea is the owner of Drumfire, a scientific visualization business..
    Find out what brings her the most joy in her business.

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  • Ann Shubert, Intentional Finance August 15, 2019

    Meet Ann Shubert, of Intentional Finance LLC, as she shares what she knows now that she wishes she had known back when she started her financial advising business.

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  • Mary Bunch, Edward Jones August 15, 2019

    Mary Bunch, a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Albuquerque, explains what she now knows that she would have loved to know when she first started her own business.

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