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How to get the most out of your Spotlight Video, Part 1

Each month NAWBO features three business women in the video spotlight segment of the newsletter. You can also see all the previous month’s videos NAWBO New Mexico’s You Tube channel. Did you know that you can use these videos to benefit your business as well? Since you are the face of your business it is important that your clients see and hear from you. And since you have a great video to get started, why not use it on your all of your business pages? Here are five ways you can use these videos to your advantage. And remember to add good descriptions so they can be found easily.

  • Your You Tube Channel. Don’t have one? Then this might be a good time to think about starting a channel.
  • The about section of your website would be a great addition so clients can hear directly from you.
  • Videos are a great way to stand out from all the still images on social media. Instagram even has a new feature, IGTV.
  • Add the video to a blog post.
  • Link the video under your e-mail signature. It is a great way for clients, old and new alike, to see who you are in a different type of media.

Keep following this segment for more tips in the coming months. Haven’t had a chance to get on the list for your video yet? E-mail me at and I can get you signed up!

By Leigh Mahnesmith
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