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NAWBO-NM Members –

3 REASONS WHY your profile on the National website should be 100% complete

1) To be eligible for a Member Spotlight on our website - 

Member Spotlight image

The NAWBO-NM Communication Committee can do a Member Spotlight for you on the Home page of our website. It must include your headshot and a couple paragraphs about your business. Check the “HOW” section below to see where to enter your info, so we can pick it up. A Spotlight will create your own page on our website, which stays there for a year and is searchable. Click HERE to see who's showing now.

2) To be found by NAWBO members in our chapter and nationwide - A Members Only Benefit

Member Directory Image

Any NAWBO member can find your contact information through their Member’s Only website. For NM members to find other NM members, go to - (you'll have to log in). Then  type in the name and click SEARCH. If you click the person's name, their bio will show up below their photo. You can also search for members in other states.

3) To be found by ANYONE nationwide

People all over the country can find out about you when you show up on our website pages. If we put you on our Home page, Member Spotlight, Blog or Leadership pages or You Tube, then your photo, article or video may well show up in an internet search for your name or business name.

You can also be found in a Google search if you show up on the NAWBO National website as Lorie and Donna did in 2018.

Internet Search Results image

HOW to make your profile on the National website 100% complete

1) Log in on the National website: Click “Maintain your NAWBO Profile” link and edit or confirm your basic contact information.
Maintain Your NAWBO Profile button

2) Edit or confirm your demographic information, including your business description (keep short in this section)
.Maintain Your Demographic button

3) Edit or confirm your biographical info including your photo and longer version biography (which will appear when someone clicks your name when it comes up in the directory).
Upload or Edit Biographical Info button

NOTE on the Member Spotlight

It is not an automatic process. We try to add new members soon after they join us, but generally we don't have all the information we need. If you want to know who has had a Member Spotlight in the last 12 months, click here. If you are not on this list and your info is 100% complete, email Donna Luke to see how soon she can get you shown on our Member Spotlight. (If you have a home office and don't want your address shown be sure to let Donna know.)

There are 5 profiles that revolve in that space on the Home page. When a new one gets uploaded, the oldest one drops off. We expect to show each one for a month, but remember, the "page" for that person is searchable on the website for a year.

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