October Calendar - Save the Dates | NAWBO
  • NEW EVENT: Online NAWBO Member Orientation: October 1, 2:00-2:30 MDT
  • October Public Policy Committee MeetingOctober 2, 2019 (All Members Welcome)
  • October Meeting: DATE CHANGE: Wednesday, October 9, 11:15 am-1:00 pm ("Get Your Pink On” with Carmel Busby & Lori Walker (prior ACS breast cancer survivor spokeswomen))
  • October Board Meeting: DATE CHANGE: October 21, 5:00-6:00 pm (All Members Welcome)
  • National Women's Business Conference, Oct. 13-15, Jacksonville Florida (It's not too late to register to join the NM contingent!)
  • November Board Meeting: November 11, 5:00-6:00 pm (All Members Welcome)
  • November Meeting"SpeakOUT!", Wednesday, November 13, 5:30-8:00 pm
  • December MeetingDATE CHANGE: Wednesday, December 11, 11:15-1:00 pm ("Give Back Party"--Children's Grief Center Volunteer Party (Get Crafty for the Kids) - make cards for grieving families)
  • January MeetingWednesday, January 15, 5:30-8:00 pm ("Working Women: Talking, Texting - OMG & Team Building” with DJ Heckes)
  • February Meeting: TIME & PROGRAM CHANGE: Wednesday, February 19, 5:30-8:00pm (“Film Business in New Mexico” with Amber Dodson, Film Liaison City of Albuquerque)
  • March Meeting: Wednesday, March 18, 5:30-8:00 pm (Grow with Google Training, with Google Trainer)
  • April Meeting: Wednesday, April 15, 11:15 am-1:00 pm (Topic TBA, with Patty Farmer)
  • May Meeting: Wednesday, May 20, 5:30-8:00 pm (“Better Together-Leveraging Your Network” with Cherie Montoya (Farm & Table), Trish Lopez (Teeniors), Alexis Tappan (Fiery Food Show), & Ildiko Oravecz (High Performance Consulting)
  • June Meeting:  Wednesday, June 17, 11:15-1:00 pm (“Taking Care of Yourself IS Taking Care of Your Business & Family” with Lisa McCulloch, Betty’s Bath & Day Spa)

For NAWBO calendar updates and information around the country, visit the NAWBO National Events page.

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