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Your Engagement Determines Your Exposure on Social Media

The level of active engagement by the audience with your posts on social media determines how many people actually see the post (unless you are paying for ads/exposure). That’s the basic formula embedded in the famous “algorithm” you’ve probably heard of. That means if you want free exposure on social media, YOU need to “engage” and invite your friends and colleagues to engage too.

NAWBO NM has three Social Media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We post as much as we can about individual members of our NAWBO chapter, but it takes engagement by the audience (that means YOU) with our posts to get increased exposure to a larger audience. (For example, Facebook only shows individual posts to about 1.6-2% of the “followers” of a particular page unless there is a lot of engagement.)

So, what’s a person to do? Here are some steps you can take to increase exposure for NAWBO New Mexico, our members and your own business on social media:

  • Regularly (at least weekly) go to the page and “like” or “love” the latest posts-don’t wait for them to show up in your newsfeed, because they may not (remember, only 1.6% to 2% of followers will automatically see the post without active engagement)
  • Share a NAWBO post and/or your business post to your own personal social media page
  • Comment on a post (make it thoughtful and meaningful, not just “great post” or something similar)
  • If there’s something “clickable” on a post, click and spend 15 seconds looking at it
  • Share a relevant post to particular friends and colleagues (or, if it’s on your own business page, “tag” them on the post (i.e. enter “@[Facebook name of person]”)
  • Invite friends and colleagues to “like” the NAWBO NM pages and your own business page
  • If you are ready to spend money on social media promotions, create your ad AFTER the post has already gained some engagement—the algorithms are set up to send it to a lot more people if it’s already getting interest

It’s not difficult! If you spend 5-15 minutes a week on thoughtful engagement, you can make a significant difference in how much exposure you get.

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