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Charlotte Koppin

Charlotte Koppin


Charlotte has led her company, Bocotek, in developing a business that provides digital marketing, computer network, and software services and development to help clients address industry challenges, cost containment, and transformation in the customer's competitive marketplace or public service environment.

Bocotek launched in 1999 as a direct result of the private and public sector searching for sound consulting backed by complete ongoing management. Charlotte saw businesses frustrated with many different vendors and consultants that had ideas for improvement but no solid resolution or action plan. She wanted to help not only consult Bocotek clients but provide them with the tools to improve their infrastructure and keep it relevant. Bocotek helps its clients with IT networks and digital marketing initiatives and VR Software.

3008 Altez St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111-4780
(505) 237-0528

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