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Krista Martinez

Working as a virtual executive, Krista can support both the non-profit executive and the small business owner through a different lens. With the ability to see possibilities Krista works with executives in their strategic planning, business planning and development, business organization, budgeting and coaching. Krista is uniquely positioned as she has personally been in the shoes of a small business owner/non-profit executive and has experienced similar challenges and opportunities. An executive, external perspective is a valued resource to any small-business or non-profit organization.

Prior to Krista M. Consulting, Krista spent 11 years in non-profit, supporting youth, education and economic development. During her years, she started at the bottom and quickly moved up, successfully taking over as the president during the nation’s worst economic downturn. Through her different roles and positions, Krista is uniquely positioned for any task. She's done it all – literally!

Krista was named one of New Mexico’s young leaders in the coveted 40-Under Forty in 2012; graduated from Pennsylvania State’s Strategic Leadership in 2013 and is actively involved in her high school alumni Association; Board Member of NAWBO New Mexico; the City of Albuquerque Mayor’s Volunteer Council; and Governance Council member of Coral Community Charter.

Krista M Consulting
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