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New Mexico
+1 (505) 856-4033

Andrea Carvey joined NAWBO because she knew nothing about business and had to jump into the flames.

Trained as an archaeologist with a B.A, M.A, and ALL BUT Dissertation in Anthropology/Archaeology, she learned 3D Computer-Generated Imaging, Animation & Illustration after her PhD committee left UNM.

In 1997, when she and her husband began creating Visual Effects for movies, television and commercials, Andrea started DrumFire. Since 2004, the focus has been on Scientific Visualization and Illustration. For about ten years, Andrea created technical illustrations for the operating manuals for a company that designed genome sequencing equipment. Currently, DrumFire has contracts with Sandia National Labs for various visualization projects, including the visualization of simulated data for the Chelyabinsk meteor that struck Russia in 2013.