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How to Build a High Performing Team & Vastly Improve Company Culture

Monday, March 30, 2020 - 11:00am1:00pm
Multnomah Athletic Club
1849 Southwest Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97205
United States
Registration Deadline: 
March 30, 2020 - 2:00pm

At the heart of any business is people – the people giving it direction and making sure it runs smoothly. If the people working in it are healthy, a business is typically healthy. Plus, a healthy business means people are happy to put in more of their time and effort into making sure the business meets its goals.

If you want a high performing team, you must make sure that your company culture is conducive to happiness and productivity. Good corporate culture relies on work not being simply a 9 to 5 grind. Everyone in the team should find fulfillment and purpose in their designated tasks. Remember that everyone is pitching in to make your ideas work!

In this event you will learn:

* Which traits and “soft” skills are important to build up in your employees

* How to recognize and deal with counter-productivity in the workplace

* The best recommendations for keeping long-term employees engaged

* About the corporate culture in some high performing companies, from speakers who represent those companies

* How you, as the business owner, can personally impact company culture - for better or for worse


1. If we have employees as well as volunteers in our organization, what are some of the key parameters that distinctly differentiate the two roles so there is no overlap in classification?

2. What are your top three onboarding tips?

3. How should toxic employees be handled? How do we navigate issues concerning alcohol abuse/ drug abuse? Are there implications of employees claiming that these are disabilities to fall under job status protection? What needs to be written in our company handbook to address these issues?

4. What are the possibilities of group insurance through entities like the chamber or other groups that a company may participate in? Is this only available in Oregon or is it available in other states?

5. How do you handle employees that started out in a salaried position but after a period of time we aren’t finding that this is the best arrangement for this person- we would like to change it to an hourly position- are there issues with doing this?

6. How should we spell out in our handbook that some employees (like office employees) have certain paid holidays vs employees in the field who do not?

7. Is there such a thing as over-rewarding high performing employees?

8. How do we foster a spirit of healthy competition in the workplace without over-doing it?

9. What are the things that every workplace with good company culture has?

MODERATOR: Robin Schuckmann

Lise Harwin, APR - Employee Communications Manager, Port of Portland

For 17 years, Lise Harwin made a career in media relations — pitching organizational stories ranging from life-saving at a Level 1 trauma hospital to life-affirming at the American Red Cross to life-changing in higher education. Now she’s turned her corporate raconteuring and social media savvy inward, transitioning to employee engagement and communication for the Port of Portland and PDX, America’s Best Airport.

Susie Bechtle-Mason, SPHR, SHRM-SCHR Business Partner, Portland General Electric - HR Professional who provides strategic, interactive, front-line consultation to C-level leaders, management and employees for large utilities ($2B - $3.5B). Known for expertise in labor relations, from negotiations to arbitration. Sought-after by managers on hiring and development of people.Specialties: Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Absence Management, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development, Mediation Practitioner

Jessica M Bucciarelli | Senior Public Affairs Specialist - Clean Water Services | Government & Public Affairs.  Jessica M. Bucciarelli has worked in public sector employee engagement since 2006, first at TriMet and now at Clean Water Services. She is passionate about two-way communication, data-driven decision-making and taking employees seriously as stakeholders.

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