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NAWBO has teamed up with PR Newswire to help you save more than $2,000 in discounted services. Access the PR Toolkit and complete the Request Information form and a member of the PR Newswire team will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the benefits with you.

Special Offer for NAWBO Members
Distribute a News Release Through NAWBO's New Online Distribution Tool

NAWBO has partnered with PR Newswire to provide you access to the new NAWBO news release distribution tool. It will help save you time, money and most of all-increase your online visibility.

Included with your waived annual membership - more than $2000 in free and discounted services:

  • Waiver of first year PR Newswire membership fee (value of $195)
  • FREE Media Microlist with first domestic news distribution (value up to $595)
  • Discount on ProfNet SM (55% OFF)
  • Discount on Basic Multimedia Distribution (40% OFF)
  • Discount on Basic Multimedia New Release (25% OFF)

* Offer only available to new PR Newswire members