Maui Mastermind Coaching Program

Take advantage of this Online Coaching Program for NAWBO members (a $2,400 value) for 1 year. This gift was arranged by former National NAWBO President Patty DeDominic. Whether you want to leverage your WBE certifications, negotiate an increased line of credit, get an SBA guaranteed loan, build your board of advisors, or expand your sales, this new business coaching resource for NAWBO members can help! 

Learn how you can grow your business and get your life back.

See what other NAWBO members have said about the program below: 

Robin Allen

Founder, Necessary Nutrition Academy and Necessary Nutrition Protein, NAWBO Member & Maui Mastermind Coaching Client

“I am currently participating in the Maui Mastermind self-directed coaching program offered to NAWBO members. What a blessing! In a short 3 months I have been able to create better systems and controls within my business. I am truly able to accomplish more in less time. No joke. Prior to starting this program I couldn’t image the business running without me, now I absolutely see it and I’m eager to build the company so that it’s viable without me. 

I actively participate in the program by taking the lessons and doing the work. I have a clear roadmap, unlike I’ve ever had before. All I can say is—participate, do the work, and watch your business begin to transform itself. I’ve discovered so much! This has been a true gift and NAWBO member benefit. My business has many moving parts and there was a time when I wasn’t sure which ones to move with first. Maui has helped me narrow my focus and make significant strides.”

Dana Smith

President & CEO, Exalt Resources, NAWBO Member & Maui Mastermind Coaching Client

“The Business Coaching Program has helped me to develop the systematic processes to grow sales and improve the operations of my business.”

Diana Brenner

Founder & Owner, Brenner Design, NAWBO Member & Maui Mastermind Coaching Client

“As an architect, I have been thoroughly trained in my craft. However, architectural school offered no expertise in actually running a business. I joined Maui Mastermind because they offer the tools, processes and advice that I need to scale my business.”

Mayda Barsumyan

President & CEO, Business Escalation Inc., NAWBO Member & Maui Mastermind Coaching Client

“2014 has been just phenomenal! Maui Mastermind helped me in many ways to open my eyes and recognize opportunities and stay focused on task of building my team. Now I can spend weekends with my kids and actually enjoy them. I learned how to ride a bike, went scuba diving and was able to put my phone down. I am looking forward to 2015!”