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About %1

  • “NAWBO is a great organization for women entrepreneurs that provides an outlet for women business owners across the country to share their creativity an inspire and support each other in their pursuits.”

    Katrina Markoff

    Founder, CEO and Chocolatier of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Wild Ophelia

  • "I am fortunate to be a woman in America who was given the opportunity to achieve her dream. I want women everywhere to have that same opportunity and am pleased to work with the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs."

    Sara Blakely

    Spanx founder and head of The Sara Blakely Foundation

  • "...We worked hard to position the emergence of women business owners as a growing segment of the women's movement and to develop the organizational base and structural guidelines for a national association. "

    Susan Hager

    Founding NAWBO National President



Executive Committee

Ronit Urman, Urman Enterprises, President

Angela Garmon, ARG Coaching & Consulting Group, President-Elect

Amanda Petersen, Pathways of Grace, Secretary

Deborah Baldini, Baldini Investment Management, Treasurer

Julie S. Cook, Idea 3 Creative, Immediate Past President

Cindy Gordon, Business Rescue Coaching, Director of Board Strategy & Development

Suzanne Lanctot, NAWBO Phoenix Chapter, Executive Director


Board of Directors

Sandra L. Abbey, Leader Discovery, Director of Mentoring Program

Becky Spohn, Confidence Concepts, LLC, Director of  Programs

Veronica Archer, AlerusDirector of Membership                             

Jean M. Briese, Jean Briese, Co-Director of Corporate Partners

Kathleen Gramzay, Kinessage LLC, Co-Director of Corporate Partners

Wendy Anderton, Global Ties Arizona, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy

Laurie Anderson, Cactus Creative, Director of Marketing

Contact the Phoenix Chapter: 480-289-5768

Neighborhood NAWBO Chairs

Director of Neighborhood NAWBO: Julie S. Cook, Idea 3 Creative

Desert Ridge Neighborhood NAWBO:

East Valley / Central Neighborhood NAWBO: 

Scottsdale Neighborhood NAWBO: Amber Ehrlich, The Tidy Bungalow and Michele Trent, Remembered Well


Message from the President

I am deeply grateful to all the current NAWBO sisters and to those who planted the seeds years ago like Nancy, Julie, Phaedra, Suzanne. I would also like to thank the ones who agreed to stand beside me to provide feedback, ideas and constructive criticism like Cindy and the Wendys.

Over my career I have seen women break through countless barriers in business, paving the way for our future. For me it was the support I received from my family that made me the strong and capable business woman I have become today. My husband is the one who encouraged me to get involved in NAWBO, to learn and be inspired by other successful women. I have been forever changed by this group and I’m thankful for the trust you have in giving me the honor and opportunity to serve you. I will do everything in my power to make you proud of your choice.

I’m looking forward to leading this chapter to keep growing, develop ourselves, our businesses and our relationships with each other and with our corporate partners. The only way I can do this is with the amazing group of women who have agreed to give their time and be a part of the team. When we drive our car, we are forced to always look ahead. That is the future. That is where we want to go. At the same time we must glance behind us, that’s our past. Our history, what brought us here. We also must look at the present, where we are. And we are in a good place.

As we look at our next year, we are striving to increase our membership and our corporate partners support. In order to achieve these goals, we are listening and researching what our members would like to hear and learn. We will bring the programs that will support the established business owners. The new businesses that are relocating to the Phoenix area or those who recently started their business, they should be encouraged to join us. And our young professionals who are starting their dreams will be the future leaders of this organization and therefore we must reach out now to help the next generation of successful women CEOs take advantage of our experience and use it as a base to build on.

Take a moment to think about how important it is to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political growth. Join us as we continue to create a safe place for woman to strengthen their ability to grow individually and within their communities. Our new hashtag, created by knoodle Advertising agency, is #smashtheglass I’m excited to lead us into a great year as we align with the NAWBO Mission, to innovate our business cultures, build powerful alliances and form meaningful connections.


Past Presidents

Julie S. Cook, 2017-2018 Rebecca Winterscheidt, 1998-1999
Phaedra Earhart, 2016-2017 Ann Owen, 1997-1998
Nancy Sanders, 2015-2016 Mary Lou Bessette, 1996-1997
Dorothy Wolden, 2014-2015 Debi Baldwin, 1995-1996
Jackie Wszalek, 2013-2014 M.J. Gilbert, 1994-1995
Lynda Bishop, 2012-2013 Patsy Bakunin, 1993-1994
Kristine Kassel, 2011-2012 Linda Thrasher, 1992-1993
Cindy Hynes, 2010-2011 Barbara Lambesis, 1991-1992
Loretta Love Huff, 2009-2010 B.J. Tatro, 1990-1991
Robin Orchard, 2008-2009 Virginia Mayer, 1988-1989
Choo Tay, 2007-2008 Gretta Boshara, 1987-1988
Cynthia Wrasman, 2006-2007 Jacki Bowers, 1986-1987
Carolyn Brown, 2005-2006 Sandra Sandblom Henry, 1985-1986
Donna Davis, 2004-2005  
Cammi Bailey, 2003-2004  
Becky Jackson, 2002-2003  
Annette Alvarez, 2001-2002  
Charlotte Hodel, 2000-2001  
Patricia Drain, 1999-2000