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  • Don't Go It Alone September 3, 2019

    Recently, I was asked, why do I do what I do? When I asked a clarifying question, to narrow the topic, the person went on to ask why would I want to be president of NAWBO Phoenix while also building a business? It takes a lot to run an organization. Why put energy into it and not the business. “Awe,” I thought to myself. The question caused me to pause. Not because I hadn’t thought about it but because no one had so bluntly asked. I am sure that many people may wonder the same. So I thought I would answer that in the first blog for the chapter.

    As an entrepreneur, it is tough navigating this business ecosystem. It sometimes seems that this journey can be rather arduous and lonely, wondering if I will succeed or succumb to the pressure of the unknown. What I have gathered, over time, is that every woman has a driving force, something that is propelling her towards a destination. If too many obstacles mask that driving force, need, or desire, it can create chasms. And the longer we go, the harder it is for us to figure out how to build a bridge or find a way to get back to where we need to be.

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  • Grow Your Business with Mentoring August 26, 2019

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  • Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit June 5, 2019

    Click the link above to hear remarks by Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State, on June 3, 2019 at City Hall, The Hague, The Netherlands.


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  • One Woman's Journey as a Corporate Board Member May 28, 2019

    Throughout my year as President of NAWBO, the issue of legislating women on boards, as they recently did in California, has been our most talked about subject. We have tried to spotlight different viewpoints on the subject. This time, we found someone who has actually done it and tried to get her point of view.

    We reached out to Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing CEO Sissie Roberts Shank, who sits on the boards of two public companies: Knight Transportation and U-Haul International.

    How did you get your first board assignment?

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  • Introducing the 2019-2020 Board of Directors May 23, 2019

    The 2019-2020 Board of Directors will be introduced at the Desert Diamonds Awards Gala on June 12, 2019 at Chateau Luxe in Phoenix. They will officially take office on July 1, 2019.

    President: Angela Garmon, ARG Coaching & Consulting Group

    President-Elect: Jeane Briese, Jean Briese, LLC

    Treasurer: Debbie Baldini, Baldini Investment Management

    Secretary: Amanda Petersen, Pathways of Grace

    Past President: Ronit Urman, Urman Enterprises LLC

    Director of Community Alliances: Victoria Trafton, Victoria Trafton

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  • Motherhood and Business Ownership offer the benefit of freedom and control May 10, 2019

    Women are owning their own businesses and many are doing it because it puts them in control of their own lives. This is especially relevant as we approach Mother’s Day. Consider this: 11.6 million firms are owned by women. This is 29% of all businesses, which has grown 68% since 2007.Women are definitely on a roll.  Women want control of their careers and their lives. And if they are mothers, this can be vital for work life balance. NAWBO offers so much for women in business but also gives tools to mothers who are searching for better balance in their lives.

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  • Women on Boards- Point / Counterpoint for Legislating Women on Boards April 5, 2019

    This dialogue is in preparation for the April 10th business program, “The Future is Female”, 11a-1p. The program will be moderated by Jordan Rose, of the Rose Law Group and will feature Kina Harding of The Harding Firm and the Arizona Black Bar who opposes the legal requirement of a Board seat. It will also feature Susan Schultz, of the Board Institute and Women on Boards, who supports the measure.

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  • Point/Counterpoint: A Civil Dialogue on Legislating for Women on Boards March 27, 2019

    NAWBO Phoenix members are part of a larger voice with NAWBO that leverages the influence of thousands of women business owners worldwide to transform public policy and influence decision makers. In this role, NAWBO Phoenix strives to bring to light issues that affect the future of women in business of all kinds – corporate to entrepreneur. One path to success for women in their later years is to seek Corporate Board Positions, for which women with entrepreneurial experience are ideally suited. They hold all the skills from all levels of business, but often aren’t aware that board service is an option, or how to go about getting appointed to corporate boards. 

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  • Call for Nominations of Chapter Officers and Directors 2019-2020 March 15, 2019

    The Nominations Committee is requesting nominations for the open leadership positions of the Phoenix Metropolitan Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for the 2019-2020 year. This is your opportunity to nominate yourself or another exemplary NAWBO member to participate in our chapter leadership.

    Click here for the nomination form.

    Submission deadline is Monday, April 1, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.

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  • The world is terrified of competent women. February 11, 2019

    February is a great month to recognize the importance of female friendships and why NAWBO can do so much to further these alliances. Female friendships in the workplace, for instance, reduce conflict and add to creativity according to a new study provided by the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences. NAWBO creates an atmosphere that helps these friendships flourish.

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