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Let's smash the glass at NAWBO in 2019

What a year it’s been! I appreciate all of the contributions countless women, sponsors and speakers have made to the NAWBO Phoenix tribe. Now it’s time to set our sights on 2019. Here are my New Year’s resolutions for NAWBO Phoenix 2019.

A bigger, more robust membership.
First and foremost, we want more members. More members mean more connections and opportunities for everyone. It is how others evaluate a group when they join. We want members in all sectors and in sizes of businesses. We want to support each other and help each other grow. We encourage our NAWBO members to bring guests so that they can experience our enjoyable, educational lunch and business programs. 

We want to wow you with our speakers.
We have had some great speakers this year like Scott Harkey of OH Partners for marketing. It was the most well attended business program of the year. We have Becky Spohn, our new program chair, who is hard at work on this pursuit. As members you can help me in two different ways. You can email me what subjects intrigue you. Also, if you know a great speaker, contact Becky or myself and make an introduction. 

We want to put the special in special events.
Just because we have always done events the same way, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at making changes. Updating our event planning is a natural part of business. If this interests you, join our events committee and make an important difference in this area.

Business women make the world go round.
Most marketers would tell you that this is a high value target group. Our corporate partners (sponsors) benefit by getting to know you personally as well as other corporate partners. It’s great exposure for them and helps us run a better funded organization. We can than deliver more innovative programs and services. If you know of any potential corporate partners, please contact Kathleen Gramzay and Jean Briese, our corporate sponsor team chairs. 

We want to be top dog.
Currently, we are the only women’s organization in Phoenix with a national footprint, regular informative lunch and education programs, and networking opportunities all rolled into one. All this, for less than $40 per month. We need to get the word out and enhance our exposure. That’s why we will be working with news outlets, placing targeted advertising and creating more organic social media opportunities. We want you to actively become part of the conversation and feel a sense of connection with NAWBO.

 We want you to get involved.
The best way to meet people, drive connections and solidify relationships is to join a committee. If you have a passion for messaging, marketing, creating public relations programs, demonstrate it to your peers and join the marketing committee led by Laurie Anderson. Or if you want to drive programming and want to research and meet the best speakers in the Valley, join the programming committee. If you like to meet as many members please join the membership committee led by Veronica Archer.

It is only with your help that we can continue to grow and reach our goals. Let’s make this upcoming year smash the glass.


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