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Scottsdale Neighborhood NAWBO

Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 11:30am1:00pm
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August 27, 2020 - 11:00am

Why They Buy: Unlock the Secret and Science to Increasing Your Sales and Deepening Every Relationship in Your Life

Presented by Amanda Schneider, founder and CEO of Abundance On Purpose.

“Why your prospects buy” is infinitely more important than “how you sell.” Business owners spend millions of dollars annually learning how to sell instead of investing in the only question that ever matters to the bottom line: “WHY DO THEY BUY?” In learning how to adjust messaging toward your client’s values, rather than speaking from your own, clients feel seen and heard and ultimately will resonate with what you more quickly and deeply so you can close more sales faster. Participants who aren’t comfortable with sales will experience a shift in perspective in this engaging and informative talk!

After this short presentation, participants will:

1) Understand there is science behind buying behavior

1) Understand the four basic ways people view and approach buying decisions

1) Have a new perspective to think about in addressing your messaging with prospective clients and existing clients

Amanda Schneider is an award-winning, international speaker and trainer who is passionate about creating communities of like-minded business owners who are committed to growing their mindset, skillset and toolset so they can achieve greater prosperity in their business and abundance in life. Amanda considers herself a student for life, believing if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. She continually engages in personal and business development to hone her expertise and provide relevant coaching and content to her own clients. She combines these key learnings with her unique experience from over twenty years in the corporate, education and direct selling spaces to deliver and facilitate powerful and transformative training and coaching to her clients. 

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