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Connie Zimmerlich of ClickChick Photography

NAWBO member Connie Zimmerlich and husband Bob are living a lifelong dream as husband and wife photographers who have taken their passion and zest for life and poured it into photography.

While not everyone likes to be defined by their work, Connie revels in it. Her work is photography and all her spare time, as well.

“We deal in classic high-end portrait photography,” she said. “We want to create heirlooms to share with family and friends the way you would treat a piece of art.”

She added, “it’s about telling someone’s story”.

In her North Scottsdale studio or out her client’s homes, she captures the portraits of babies, families, high school seniors, and corporate executives. She also captures the expectation of motherhood in her maternity photography. All her work is captured through digital photography- with the rich look of paintings. According to Connie, they treat photography as an art form and “understand the importance of light, shadow, shape, color, pose, expression and emotion.”

Connie and her husband, Bob, opened their North Scottsdale studio in 2010 after having a home studio since 2006. They have been married for 37 years. “We complement each other’s creative and technical skills,” she said. The husband and wife team is the only duo in Arizona to be both Master Photographers and certified by the Professional Photographers of America.

She started out as a musician and a dancer in school- then taught dance for over two decades. “Photography has been such a creative outlet for me, but when digital technology emerged, we decided to make it a business,” she said. Since then they have earned several awards including being named Top Ten Arizona Photographers of the Year in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Connie has also won the bronze Photographer of the Year award from the national Professional Photographers of America and received the PPA National Award in 2018.

When Connie finds time to travel, she never photographs with a cell phone. She brings a whole carry-on bag of equipment. “When I travel, I find it fun to take landscape images,” she said. She would like to return to Italy but also loves exploring the Hawaiian islands.

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