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Corporate Partner Spotlight Money Radio 1510AM

Corporate Partner Spotlight

CRC Broadcasting, MONEY RADIO 1510AM & 1580 THE FANATIC

Marcus A. DeWitt, Account Manager

Women are driving change in the business world by defying the status quo and leaving the traditional corporate world to start their own projects. It’s not a secret that women-owned businesses are growing at a much faster rate than others.  We believe that given their success rate, these companies need to have more access to capital, support networks and systems…and we’re glad to provide a platform that can help. Therefore, this is why CRC Broadcasting/Money Radio has been involved with NAWBO for the past decade.

The best things about working for Money Radio are the people and the company's philosophy that people are its most valuable asset. Management continually reinforces this philosophy; it is not uncommon for a manager to acknowledge a job well done by a co-worker and share it with the rest of the staff.  
A financial planner friend once told me that local radio is a great investment because we all want to place our money in institutions we believe in. If local media and intellectually curious programming intrigue NAWBO members, perhaps this is the year for them to invest in a local community radio station or to find a community radio station that fits with their tastes and needs.

Money Radio Network provides thousands of hours of valuable advice that is searchable and accessible from nearly every device. With 14 talk shows, they provide your favorite and most informative money-related news at your fingertips.  Learn more at

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