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For Judy O’Higgins, success is in the cards.

Her online site,, offers virtual greeting cards that can be customized for any occasion. This includes thank you, birthdays, sympathy, apology, and Holidays of every variety. There is even a system to use your own signature for a personal feel. Cards are designed by the sender, exactly the way they want them, then printed and mailed by SendOutCards within 24 hours.

Customers select them online, customize them, and order them. They can even create their own custom cards with a photos and a personal message. SendOut Cards prints them and mails them to friends, colleagues, customers and clients. Cards are less than $2 each depending on customer option chosen, and even free with some options.

Judy calls it, “Appreciation you can touch”. She operates her own business as a Senior Executive Distributor, an affiliate, and also selects and mentors others to create their own SendOutCards business. “The best way to showcase this system is to walk someone through it individually and that is how our sales process is designed.”  She has done this for 13 years. She works with 150 customers and a team of well over 2,000 people in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

According to Judy, business is booming and has become a staple for businesses looking to solidify relationships and make connections. “In this day and age, businesses are losing the personal touch and the smart ones are re-establishing them through these personalized cards,” she said. “It can be the start of relationships that last a life time, resulting in more repeat business and referrals. And they won’t end up in spam.”

Judy, who lives in Sedona, spent 25 years as a psychotherapist, before “hitting the wall of burn out.” She added, “I needed to do something else, something fun but with a purpose to make the world a better place”. She said, “It is part of a deeper mission to build relationships worldwide and re-connect with others in our lives. It’s a way to share gratitude with a career that is uplifting – full of kindness and positivity. The world needs more of it.”

A couple of years ago, she co-authored a book, “License to Dream” with 2 other women who were looking for prosperity and abundance through a career change. The book walks others who want a home business and residual income exactly how to do it.

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