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Nancy A Shenker |   theONswitch & Nunu Ventures


Nancy A Shenker is the founder and CEO of theONswitch & Nunu Ventures. A former brand marketing executive (Citibank, MasterCard, Reed Exhibitions -- producers of ComicCon), Nancy took the "big leap" 18 years ago to launch her own business. Over those years, theONswitch has helped companies from one-person personal brands to fast-scaling tech companies grow through a combination of digital and conventional media and creative approaches to complex challenges. 

A rule-breaker and innovator, Nancy believes that great marketing starts with a strong and meaningful brand identity, combined with just the right mix of technology and humanity. The proof is in the results -- growth of more than 200% for her clients.

Her current focus is on content strategy, providing compelling stories and social media approaches that raise awareness, engage, and retain customers. Nancy is a winner of a Killer Content Award, Constant Contact e-mail Marketing All-Star Status; DemandGen Thought Leadership Award 2021, and has been featured in a wide range of national and local media.
She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and the Rolling Stone Culture Council and the author of several business books, including one about AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics and another geared to 20-something women entering the workforce.

The mother of two daughters, she recently moved to Arizona from New York. After leaving New York, she hoped to share insights, refer business, and learn from other NAWBO members, so she joined NAWBO PHX in October 2020. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, NYU's Graduate Publishing Program, and Kellogg's (Northwestern University's) Executive Education Program.

When asked about why she started her business and what she is most proud of in her business, Nancy said: 

I finally achieved what I thought was my business dream -- to have a seat in the C-Suite of a major international company. After checking that box,  I realized that I could actually do better work by consulting directly to businesses without the limitations of bureaucracy and "creative by committee." I wanted to offer small and mid-sized businesses the same marketing strategies only available to big companies and to help large companies innovate. That has been much easier to do as a consultant than within a company.

Additionally, having my own business gave me freedom to live wherever I wanted, travel, spend more time with family and friends, and grow as an individual, without asking permission or working within a rigid structure. 

Remember that this was 18 years ago. Big companies are now finally realizing that they need to tailor workplaces to the needs of their talent. Life was very different in 2003. And even though I've had some tough years, I have no regrets!

She is most proud of helping business owners realize new possibilities. I've had clients tell me that they would never have been able to scale, sell, or prosper without my insights and solutions. I also love to see some of the women I've trained go on to achieve greatness in their careers.

Outside of business, you can find Nancy knitting, baking, cycling, and going to concerts. 

Welcome to NAWBO PHX, Nancy!