NAWBO member Carolyn McCorkle defines the periods of her life and regards them as seasons. | NAWBO

NAWBO member Carolyn McCorkle defines the periods of her life and regards them as seasons.

The San Diego State marketing grad’s first season was in corporate America. “I spent 60 hours a week and had the corner office with Armstrong World Industries,” she said. She was the only female manager in the company. “My son was being raised by a live in nanny,” she said.

Exit to her second season, where she home schooled her two children, Matthew and Michelle. She even started a speech and debate league and coached twenty kids every year while running competitions.

Things changed when a fire ravaged her home in 1998 four days after Christmas. Six weeks later her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which eventually claimed her life. “It was the chemo that killed her,” said McCorkle.  She believes that what we do comes out of significant events. “I suffered what felt like the end of the road,” she said. “I learned to get my health back and did a great deal of research. She has cut out gluten, soy, and dairy products from her diet.

Five years later she found what she was looking for in Arbonne International. She currently is Executive Regional Vice President with clients around the world, grossing over $1 million a year in revenues. Arbonne International prescribes a broad array of products that supports healthy living inside and out. “Many products we use are potential carcinogens or hormone disrupters,” she said.  Arbonne’s wide selection of products include skin care and nutritional products which are vegan, gluten free and offer enhanced safety measures.

“I love making people’s lives better. It’s so gratifying to see the lives, appearances and health of the people I work with improve,” she said. McCorkle spends her time with 1 on 1 consultations, small group workshops and sharing the Arbonne International premise with potential recruits. “It’s social marketing and relationship selling where I teach and train with products that make other lives better.”

“Now I work twenty hours a week with a corporate sized income,” she said. I travel four months a year and spent the other eight in paradise,” she said, referring to the Phoenix area. She spends time with her husband, Bruce, of 41 years traveling to her favorite spots: Maui, Coronado, Santa Fe, and Park City. “I’m in the travel season of my life,” she said. Next up: Grandparent season. Her son, Matthew, is 32. Her daughter, Michelle is 28. Both are in committed relationships.

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