NAWBO Member finds success in Compassionate Decluttering | NAWBO

NAWBO Member Amber Ehrlich is cleaning up on tidying up. She calls her work “compassionate decluttering” and “supportive organizing” and business is profitable after opening her professional organizing business, The Tidy Bungalow, last year.

She left her previous career in the nonprofit and corporate worlds to pursue training with Tidying Up’s Marie Kondo followed by months of rigorous practice sessions.

Ehrlich is one of 227 internationally Certified KonMariÔ Consultants who follow a precise structure of decluttering and organizing known as the KonMariÔ Method. She believes “you can tidy anything with the proper system and support.”

The former Coronado Neighborhood Association president and APS Communications consultant went from emotional overwhelm to focusing on her mental health including putting her house in order “as the ultimate act of self-care.”

“My work sparks joy,” she said. “I have a method that works for any situation, any home.” According to Ehrlich, nearly all her clients are women, many who find themselves as the sole decision-maker in the home after a divorce or death of a spouse.

With the success of Kondo’s Netflix series this year, inquiries have increased ten-fold. Ehrlich, the most experienced consultant in the state, fields requests from companies looking for an expert to present on the KonMariÔ Method in addition to people who want to declutter, organize and create joyful homes. She works with up to eight clients at any one time who pay $350 for a single session or $1,500 for a package of five with many opting to renew.

The Tidy Bungalow founder joined NAWBO during the spring 2018 membership drive. “It can be lonely being a solo-preneuer but NAWBO membership has allowed me to connect with other businesswomen so I always feel supported,” said the Ehrlich, who attends as many NAWBO events each month as her schedule allows. “I appreciate the caliber and consistency of the programming and the members,” she said. “NAWBO is my work family.”

Ehrlich co-chairs the Scottsdale Neighborhood NAWBO and has been nominated serve as Director of Public Policy and Advocacy on the 2019-20 NAWBO Board of Directors.