NAWBO member wants you to JUST FINISH YOUR BOOK! | NAWBO

NAWBO member wants you to JUST FINISH YOUR BOOK!

When you do, you’ll be Peacock Proud

NAWBO member Dr. Laura Bush believes that everyone has a book inside them. “JUST FINISH YOUR BOOK! her website commands. And with a little help from the Doctor, you can. Her company, Peacock Proud Press, takes aspiring authors through the process of coaching, organizing, writing, editing, publishing, designing, promoting and publishing.

According to Dr. Laura writing a book is “a marathon, not a sprint”. she said. “Many people try to do it alone. Most don’t finish their book and it is a dream unfulfilled because it’s a challenge that transforms lives. Writing a book gives the author visibility, opportunity, recognition. Authors become influencers and authorities in their fields of expertise.” It takes most authors about a year before they are published.

Writing a book requires expertise. She likens the experience to building a house. “You can’t walk into a Home Depot or watch a You Tube series and build your own home. You need someone that has the expertise to follow through to the end”, she said.

75% of her clients are first time writers. Many of them don’t see themselves as writers, at all. “There is not enough support and accountability when you do it alone. People get distracted on what they don’t know and lose their focus. And everyone needs a great editor,” she said.

Peacock Proud, only works with authors who write non-fiction. Particular specialties are memoirs, business books and those who have “reflective, substantive experiences to share,” she said. No fiction. No children’s books.

Dr. Laura has put together a team of editors, assistant coaches, publishers and designers to assist with the process. She considers her business a hybrid between old school publishers and a vanity press. The former is difficult to break into and the latter will publish anything so long as someone will pay for it.

Here range of services includes ghostwriting, coaching, public speaking, editing and publishing. She offers weekend retreats in Jackson, Wyoming and Oracle, Arizona.

She earned her PhD in English from Arizona State University in 2000.

Story by Rosaria Cain of knoodle

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