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Suzi Freeman | Suicide Prevention Project


Suzi Freeman is a Suicide Prevention Specialist, Mental Strength Trainer, and Public Speaker. Suzi struggled with suicidal ideation herself for many years. Both of her sons are in high-stress jobs, military, and police; she has prioritized helping people build strong mental strength and teaching suicide prevention through her many companies and non-profits. 

She is the founder and CEO of The Suicide Prevention Project and the 571 Project, a non-profit that supports the prevention of suicide in our military and youth. Suzi is also the co-founder of along with her three daughters, this is a platform to support anti-bullying and mentorship for young girls ages 9-14. 

When asked why she started her business and what she is most proud of, Suzi responded: 

“I got involved in mental strength training when my sons were in high school and dedicated to football.

The training I needed to know evolved as my sons entered their careers in the military and police. Being in such high-risk professions, I knew I needed to learn all about suicide recognition and prevention for my kids. In the process of learning about it, my younger daughter came to me asking, "What is a suicide, and why would someone do that?" Her good friend's 15-year-old brother had tried. We also encountered a suicide attempt with a close family member. So suicide recognition and prevention had become more than just a priority for me; it was a must learn and know as a parent and citizen.

Suicide prevention and mental strength training have become a passion for me and are the driving force behind everything I create and teach.

I am most proud that I can involve my kids in the business and how a 90-minute training can save a life!”

Suzi also gets involved in her community outside her own organizations. She is recognized for her work in the community for suicide prevention and helping build mental resilience in others. She volunteers with other military charities, such as the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., and Hire Heroes USA. Suzi holds the title of Mrs. Elite Arizona for Women of Achievement 2022.

Outside of her work, Suzi has been an active member of NAWBO PHX since 2019. She said, “I wanted a place to go where women in business genuinely supported each other. I have found that place and have made some good friends.” She also is a real estate investor and loves to do rehab work like laying floors, building decks, and painting.