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Taking Leadership of NAWBO Phoenix as One More Adventure

Meet the New President, Ronit Urman!

Adventure comes naturally to Ronit Urman, commercial real estate developer, who along with her husband, Etan, developed over 150,000 square feet of office industrial space. “We have leased, managed, sold and kept some of the properties,” she said.  “I spent the beginning of my career with boardrooms filled with middle aged men who often didn’t take me seriously and addressed questions to my husband,” she said.

Urman is taking this experience and the 25 subsequent years of reviewing financials, overseeing the financials and dealing with banks and investors to NAWBO and has begun re-shaping the organization brand and dynamic.

It started at the Desert Diamond Awards with the new hash tag, “Smash the Glass”.

She has been doing this her whole life.

Urman recites her adventures which services as a picture of resilience and an inspiration to all women. She immigrated from Israel at 16 with her family. “This was before Snapchat,” she quips. “I treated it as another adventure. Since that day, my life has been just that, an adventure.”

When she met her husband 31 years ago, he promised “no dull moments”.  She maintained her poise and determination while fighting Lupus. “I pushed myself to get up every morning and put some make up on. We didn’t let anything stop us,” she recalls.

And now she finds herself at the helm of NAWBO amid waning membership and a brand that needs an update. “Smash the Glass” is just the beginning. Urman is considering an outside marketing company to propel their brand and get the NAWBO name into the hands of younger, vibrant business owners as well as established CEOs with medium and large companies. Urman plans to reach out to local business owners to invite them to NAWBO events. She is also planning a content campaign that will feature a blog, paid social media, and more regular content on Linked In and Facebook. She is also looking into a better AdWords strategy so the content can lead local business owners to NAWBO Phoenix.

“The goal is to attract the type of business women that people want to connect with on a business level,” she said. “This will drive membership and create a NAWBO with great returns for everyone.”

Story by Rosaria Cain of knoodle

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