Taylor-made videos are what life is all about for NAWBO member and corporate partner Taylor Wellman | NAWBO

At Financial Potion, your videos are Taylor-Made. Literally. Taylor Wellman, entrepreneur, storyteller, videographer, producer, editor, NAWBO corporate partner and member, can now add one more descriptor: mom-to-be.

And Taylor-made is also a description of what you get when you get your video done from Financial Potion. The local video company has done more than 500 videos this far and has worked with hundreds of companies. “I love what I do and enjoy learning about every industry,” she said, bucking the trend to specialize like so many in her field.

“Really we are structured as a video option for small business,” said 28-year-old Wellman, who operates the business alongside her husband, Eric. “We take on everything from training videos, to branding local companies.”  Her average video is just over $500. According to Wellman, this price is possible because of her low overhead without compromising on quality. Wellman runs day-to-day operations.

She has added all the necessary equipment to maximize her clients’ success: 4K cameras, TelePrompTer, lighting, cranes and even as an FAA certification to fly drones for a bird’s eye view.

Financial Potion helps with all aspects of the video process from scripting to finished product. In addition, Wellman can also do photography like head shots and product shots.

Wellman has been working in the video since 2009. She found her passion while in high school, working with organizations such as Fresh Films and Girls in the Directors’ Chair, receiving numerous awards. She pursued her vision with a Bachelor’s degree in film and video production. After working for a couple of local production companies she started her own firm in 2014.

NAWBO has been part of her life since 2016. “I love the opportunity to be a member but also to be a partner and give back to the organization on a monthly basis,” she said.

 “I love what I do and enjoy learning about every industry,” she said. Now she is in the process of hiring so that she can enjoy her new baby boy. Her son is due on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.