A Three Act Play: NAWBO Member Debbie Baldini | NAWBO

NAWBO Board Member Debbie Baldini’s life is a three act play. It’s part romance, part financial wizardry and part NAWBO. And she wouldn’t trade a thing.

First, we’ll talk about what we know- her NAWBO life.

Baldini has been an active member for five years, spending her first two years on the marketing committee and then ascending to the Board of Directors as chapter’s treasurer. “NAWBO has benefited my business through connections with other professional women who have been so supportive of my goals,” she said. “This is the most interesting group of women I have met since college.”

Then, there is her real job…

In addition, Baldini is president and founder of Baldini Investment Strategies, helping clients make the most of their financial investments with her own proprietary system of measuring indicators and tracking cycles that can alert her (and her clients) before markets hit the skids.

“Passion is an overused word but fascination is the best teacher,” she said, remembering the day she felt the calling for her career in financial services. “The day I saw my first chart I was hooked.” A self-described ‘current events’ junkie, she takes this interest and combines it with “thousands of hours of charts and reading indicators’. This is her secret sauce in the world of financial analysis. You never have it nailed and that’s what makes it interesting. The game changes all the time.”

And what about the current market volatility?

“The volatility in December is due to concern over the new Fed chairman,” she said. “Every time he talks the market has a tantrum like the Christmas Eve massacre.” She added that she identifies conditions that increase the risk for her investors. “It’s a system based on cycles in the areas of business and credit, expansion and contraction.”

Parla Italiano?

Oh yes, and did you know she has a master’s degree in Italian and speaks it fluently? She lived in Rome her junior year of Tulane. “It was a year that changed my life,” she recalled. “It was a year of Eurails, art museums, travel and parties. I saw Rome through the eyes of an architect.” Baldini went on to UCLA on a full ride scholarship and obtained her Master’s degree there.