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Wendy Anderton

A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Wendy has lived in the Phoenix-metro for 20 years.  She likes to joke that she has done every odd-job there is to do, from running amusement park rides, to making wigs, to her current job as CEO at Global Ties Arizona and side-hustle with Kyle Moyer & Company as a Project Manager. 

Wendy is a student of the school of experience, and enjoys learning new things every day.  She is passionate about women’s equality and women’s issues, and credits a prior abusive marriage to her desire and longing to stand up for women.  Wendy grew up in a political family, as her father served in the Utah House of Representatives, and continues her interest in politics, policy, and advocacy.  Wendy serves as the NAWBO Phoenix Advocacy Chair, and also as Treasurer, together with serving on several committees.  She’s been a member of NAWBO for six years, and says it took her four years to find her footing, encouraging other members to stick with it, knowing they’ll eventually know this is their tribe, too.

Wendy proudly completed the Small Business Leadership Academy at ASU’s WP Carey School of Business last year, reads the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review (for funzies), and loves solving problems in business and beyond.

Wendy and her partner, Heather, have two dogs, two cats, two birds, and 15 guinea pigs.  They also run a guinea pig rescue, where they have helped over 1200 small animals in one year.  They each have a love of guinea pigs, and met through volunteering at the rescue.  She has traveled to 13 different countries, loves to rockhound, crochet, knit, and is a fiber artist who is exploring natural dyes for alpaca yarn!

Throughout her life, Wendy has kept several values and adages foremost in her head to get through the hard times, and there’s been plenty of them.  One is that giving back reaps rewards x 10!  Another is the phrase she repeated at her first job in the amusement park, hundreds of times a day, and it applies to life...”Keep  your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, don’t stand up, and HAVE FUN!”

Wendy D. Anderton
Global Ties Arizona
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