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Southern Nevada Chapter Takes a Team Approach With NAWBO

As all business owners know, running a business means doing a lot of things by yourself. Whether it’s developing a plan for growth, training employees or coming up with solutions to challenges, a business owner spends a lot of time as an independent leader. So it can be easy to forget how beneficial it is to be a part of a group for support. The Southern Nevada chapter is reminding us of the importance of group support and proving that you get so much more out of NAWBO when you take a team approach.

While the chapter works together locally to support each other, they also take the same approach when it comes to national issues. Case in point: They brought a whopping 14 members to the 2015 National Women’s Business Conference in San Antonio, Texas. That impressive participation is something that Chapter President Christy Echols encouraged and focused on as soon as she began leading the chapter in 2014. “I came in with a strong vision to bring the women together in the community,” she says. “It was important for us to start bringing in women from local organizations¾not to network, but it was just having a place where women business owners could come together. I encouraged women to get involved. Any new member who came in, the attitude was, ‘If you want to get anything out of this, you have to get involved.’”

To boost involvement, the Southern Nevada chapter implemented a membership drive with promotions, including free membership renewal for recruiting five new members, and free registration to the National Women’s Business Conference for recruiting 10 new members. The results were astounding: The chapter grew 106 percent in less than 60 days. Plus, conference attendance has continued to steadily climb each year.

The chapter also allots conference funds in their budget, ensuring that all executive board members are able to attend the conference each year. As the chapter continues to grow, they hope to offer even more options to support conference attendance for all members.

Christy notes that being able to attend the conference as a group created a sense of excitement and motivation for participating members. “When you come together as a group, there’s so much more that you get,” she says. “It takes it to a whole new level. The ladies were so excited that we had so many opportunities to share, whether it was about their own businesses or our chapter. To be able to give back and share and connect with other women was a great thing.”

Plus, attendance at the national conference means making connections with national leaders. “It makes a difference for a local chapter. It doesn’t matter how small or large you are, it’s important to know you have access to the main leadership team who really does care about the success of your chapter and your success individually,” Christy says.

As the Southern Nevada chapter continues to grow with a team-oriented approach, Christy encourages other chapters to consider following suit. “When you come together, it creates a bond that you may not have otherwise,” she says. “Some of our teams have created some amazing relationships with other members, and they carry that on at the conference. It’s important to understand what that would do for your chapter.”

How Many Will Attend From Your Chapter in 2016?

Registration is open for the National Women’s Business Conference 2016, held September 18-20 in Columbus, Ohio. NAWBO encourages its chapters to bring their entire board and as many members as possible. If Southern Nevada can do it, your chapter can, too! CLICK HERE to learn more and register!