Women Business Owners Find Facebook Helps to Elevate their Business | NAWBO

NAWBO is excited about a new partnership with Facebook in anticipation of the release of Facebook’s 2019 Small Businesses (SMBs) Survey. With more than 70 percent of small businesses using Facebook to communicate with customers down the street and across the globe and more than 50 percent of women-owned small businesses saying that Facebook gives them better access to new customers, NAWBO is pleased to partner with a tool that helps advance women entrepreneurs daily.

“Facebook provides not only a platform to help women business owners connect with clients and scale, but it also provides valuable training programs,” says Jeanette Armbrust, NAWBO National Board Chair. “NAWBO prides itself on providing programming to elevate women business owners’ leadership skills and enhance their business development. We applaud Facebook for their efforts to help educate business owners through programs like Boost with Facebook and their community college digital skills curriculum.”

Initial survey results from Ipsos tell us:

  • U.S. SMBs are optimistic about their businesses and the economy heading into the 2019 holiday season and 2020.
  • Even with limited time and training, SMBs are leveraging the Facebook platform to build and grow their businesses.
    • 51 percent of women-owned SMBs say Facebook is effective in meeting their business needs.
    • 29 percent of women-owned SMBs agree that their business is stronger because of Facebook products and services and driving business creation.
    • Over 50 percent of women-owned SMBs say Facebook gives them better access to new customers, which is critical for SMBs to build and grow revenues.
  • In today’s digital world, over 70 percent of women-owned SMBs use Facebook to communicate with their customers whether they are down the street or across the globe.
    • 72 percent of women-owned SMBs use Facebook to communicate with customers.  
    • 83 percent of women-owned SMBs use Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers.
    • 78 percent of women-owned SMBs use Instagram to communicate with customers.

With SMBs being the engine of our economy, NAWBO commends the investment Facebook is making in them via resources and trainings that, at the same time, are preparing the workers of tomorrow with the digital skills they need to start their own business or help other businesses grow.

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The Small and Medium Business survey among owners and employees was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs. The study was conducted in the U.S. between August 20-September 3, 2019 with n=1,352 owned or operated respondents. In order to qualify for this study, respondents were required to own or work for a for-profit company with fewer than 500 employees. Respondents were asked their opinion for the apps they indicated they used. The study was conducted using Ipsos KnowledgePanel® (KP) as a sampling frame. KP is the only large-scale representative panel of the adult population in the U.S. for which members are recruited using a probability-based address sampling methodology. Subsequent to data collection, respondents were weighted to remove biases due to differential nonresponse or undercoverage. Survey data weighted against a larger set of population benchmarks.