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Annette Pieper - Vision 2 Reality Training

Annette’s business, Vision 2 Reality Training, is celebrating its 7th year this month, however Annette has been helping people turn their visions into reality for few years longer.  Annette believes that if you focus on harmony in all areas of your life, you can achieve your dreams.  She uses her tools of the trade and other certifications she has earned over her career, to help her clients achieve Whole Life Success.

Her ideal client is a leader of a service based business with about 25-50 employees and $5-10 million in revenue, as well as a sales team.  She will consider working with smaller businesses and is always open to getting to know all the women of NAWBO.

Annette is a single mother of 2 grown sons. She is part of the sandwich generation, as she still has one son living at home and cares for her aging mom.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your business?

I’m a pretty confident person, but right after I started my business, I went through a divorce.  My confidence crumbled and I was rattled to the core of my being. I used the strategies I encourage my clients to use and kept working on myself.  I joined NAWBO and connected with new people who kept me moving forward.  I learned to surround myself with like-minded driven people.

Who is your go to person for advice?

My Journal.  It helps me sort things out in my own head.  However, I also look to some of my friends from NAWBO.  I consider Mary Pat Kavanagh, Jodi Vawdrey, and Janis Boes as my most trusted advisors, along with my life-long friend Colleen.  I also talk to my mom a lot, although she is more of a listener than an advisor.  We need listeners in our life as well.

I also have had several coaches.  Yes, the coach has a coach.  I think it is important to walk the talk. We all get distracted and off task. We cannot see in our own blind spots.  Coaches keep you accountable, they are another set of eyes because they can look at our lives with different experiences and can help us see things we might not notice.

What opportunities have opened up for you since starting your business?

I was able to join NAWBO and serve on its board.  That has really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I’ve never had a leadership role on a board of directors before.  It has also allowed me to get greater visibility for my business because it had exposed me to networks I wouldn’t have had access to or even known I could have access to.  It has also helped me create some friendships and business partners I know will last my lifetime.

Where have you dreamed of going that you have never been?

Machu Picchu.  Many people don’t know that I am trained in shamanism.  I’ve always been drawn to the ancient native history of the Americas. A couple of times each year I take a SOUL-O retreat into the desert.  I usually go for 5-6 days and hike, or read, or just be with myself.  It helps me disconnect and reconnect with who I am and who I want to become.

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