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Dr. Vannesa Moon - Owner | Your Inspired Business


How does someone who’s fascinated with stones and their energies but terrified of business become a psychic business coach?

It certainly wasn’t an overnight journey, nor one that I had planned out. But it brought me to where I am right now, and for that, I am grateful. While working as a social worker for troubled youths, my interest in the energies of stones led me to become a Reiki Master and then a certified hypnotherapist. These are great skills to have, but the thought of starting my own business using them, though appealing on some levels, terrified me! So, I did what any sane person would do. I enrolled in a 4-year acupuncture program!

This was my chance to become a doctor, a desire that I had had since childhood. My education and belief in alternative healing and methods deterred me from pursuing a degree in Western Medicine, so I chose Eastern Medicine as my focus. It was also a convenient way of deferring starting my own business.

Four short years later and with a mountain of new student loans, I HAD to create my own business because there really isn’t many staff jobs for acupuncturists. I was still terrified, and the one thing I learned from the one business class we had was to join the local Chamber of Commerce.

So I did, and I met several people who introduced me to others who would become key to my business education. I still didn’t like business, but I knew I had to learn some things if I was going to make my clinic work.

  • I went to local networking meetings and learned to network.
  • I sponsored events and learned how to collect leads and demonstrate my expertise.
  • I hired a business coach and tried all of her excellent suggestions.
  • I joined professional business groups and spread the word about my business.

Everyone knew me, many had been treated by me with great results, but something was still missing: patients in my clinic! I was doing everything “right,” but I still wasn’t getting the results I knew were possible. Sound familiar?

I knew there had to be a better way.

I eventually attended an event in Arizona on a hot June weekend with my husband and office assistant that changed everything. Through a reading done by the event host, I discovered that my divine gifts do not include healing. Crushed and in tears, I finally understood why my clinic had struggled for nearly three years without ever being profitable – it wasn’t my divine purpose!

With the love and support of my husband and assistant, I decided to close my practice, learn to do these readings for others, and become a psychic business coach. (I’m really glad they were there to support me, and to verify to others that I had not been body-snatched in the desert when they heard the news.) With everything I had been learning about business, I found creating business strategies to be fun. I had even been a coaching member of my essential oil network marketing team on how to incorporate the oils into their existing businesses, for FREE! Business coaching was a logical next step.

When you make a decision that brings you into alignment with your soul’s purpose, the Universe responds to confirm your choice.

Within an hour of becoming certified to read the Akashic Records, I was delivering my first paid reading! And within the first week, I had made more money than in my best MONTH with my clinic! Coincidence? Hardly!

Sure, there was fear in making such a big decision, but I knew it was the right one for me at that time. Without the knowledge I received about my soul, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take such a huge step. In fact, once I had the knowledge, I couldn’t go back to the way things were before, even if I wanted to. The information from the reading was so life changing for me that I HAD to learn how to do it and share it with others. I made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs make money by embodying their divine gifts.

I’ve seen so many talented and passionate entrepreneurs get stuck trying to build a business because they weren’t sure of their gifts, didn’t know how to build and market the business aspect, and didn’t understand the importance of living in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

I’ve also seen other moderately successful entrepreneurs stagnate because they were trying to copy a business model that didn’t work for them.

Now, I see the enormous potential that all of them have to be excellent, hugely successful, and infinitely joyful with their life, if they would choose to live fully in alignment with their soul’s gifts and purpose. I see that same potential for you.


The only question remaining is, are you willing to see it for yourself?


On a personal note, I live in South Jordan, UT with my husband and copywriter, Aaryn, who started his copywriting business after that same hot Arizona weekend, and our kitty, Ember. When we aren’t strategizing and working on our businesses, I enjoy gaming, watching TV shows on DVD, Zentangling, and playing in our beautiful garden.

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