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Meet Gina Van Luven, Wellness Speaker, Author, Coach

Gina Van Luven Speaker Wellness Coach

Business:  Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC

Title: Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author



Gina’s mission of helping people realize they have control over their lives and well-being started a little over 15 years ago.  Her youngest child, who was 3 at the time, was struggling in pre-school.  Gina knew she had to help him, but didn’t know what to do.  After some research, she worked to change his diet, removing many of the things we find in our everyday processed food.  What she discovered was that changing his diet radically changed his behavior. Today, at 18, you would never know he had past behavioral problems.

Soon after her son got on the right track, and she saw improvements in her own health and well-being, friends and family started asking her for help. She decided that she wanted to help others who were struggling to create healthy habits, but she knew she wanted to have as much knowledge as she could so she became certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and in 2008 she quit her corporate job and stated her career as a health coach. Gina discovered that in order to elevate your life, both physically and emotionally, you need to look at everything around you.  Everything in your life is interconnected: your diet, your music, the clutter in your life, your relationships.  And in order to improve your overall well-being, all facets need to be evaluated.

She knows that it is hard for many people to do this completely on their own, and her company, Healthy Habits Wellness Center, focuses on helping people evaluate and improve their lives and the choices they make and to help people slow down and enjoy their journey.

Over the years she has ventured into a few businesses that coach people to leading healthy lifestyles. Seven years ago, she moved to Utah with her family and quickly became actively involved with NAWBO.  Over the years, she has served on the board and as VP of Programs.  Her second book, Nutrition for Success –How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life, will be released Jan 11, 2017.

Tell us about your book?

I wrote Nutrition for Success as a guide for people who are looking to find balance and learn how to maximize performance in all areas of life. It is full of practical techniques to help you de-stress, increase your energy and metal capacity, and to create more peace in your life.

My journey has shown me that you need to take care of yourself by nourishing your mind, your body, and your soul.  Nutrition for Success helps you through your journey.  That old saying, you can’t take it with you, is really true.  It holds for material items as well as problems, successes as well as failures.  In the end, it just doesn’t matter, so it is crucial that you take care of yourself and enjoy your journey.

In addition to the book release, I am offering a free seminar that will focus on creating more balance and everyday fulfillment.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

You mentioned balance, how do you find balance in your day?

I love that question, because it’s not the same every day.  It is important to continuously evaluate where you are on the scale. Sometimes, I discover I need a walk with the dog because I need a change of scenery. Sometimes I need to plunk down on the couch and watch a silly program and laugh out loud.  Maybe I need more water or a piece of fruit. The hard part for most people is taking action to recreate balance.  It’s so easy to make excuses, so carving out time to put yourself first is important. It takes practice. If you make sure you take time for you every day, you will find you are much happier and healthier.  

Do you have an ultimate vacation, someplace you are aching to travel to?

My dream vacation would take 3 months. I would go to several places in Europe; Ireland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Scotland, and Germany. It would take 3 months, because I would want to submerge myself in the culture and learn a different way of life. I would spend my time exploring everything new about each country and eat some amazing food.  I’m sure I would come home happy.



Gina Van Luven is an international wellness speaker, author and Board Certified Health Coach. For over a decade, she has been working with a wide variety of clients from CEOs and top executives to stay-at-home moms and dads, guiding them to live healthier, happier lives. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Columbia University. She is the founder of Healthy Habits Wellness Center, the creator of several self-help programs, and the author of several books, including “Nutrition for Success – How to Maximize Performance in All Areas of Life.” 

Gina Van Luven, CHC, AADPNutrition For Success Book Cover
Wellness Speaker, Author, Coach

"At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever." -Anthony Robbins
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