Meet MaryPat Kavanagh, Board Advisor & Owner of Strategic Results Marketing | NAWBO

Meet MaryPat Kavanagh, Board Advisor & Owner of Strategic Results Marketing

MaryPat Kavanagh, Strategic Results Marketing, NAWBO Salt Lake City

Mary Pat Kavanagh is not one to be idle. She has had the entrepreneurial spirit her entire adult life and over the years has owned several businesses. She knows the kind of hustle it takes to be successful. She has done many things from being a restaurant owner to working in radio in sales, copy-writing, and on air hosting events. It was after her fourth daughter was born in 2003 that she knew she could not be a stay-at-home-mom and started to focus more on the business she currently owns, Strategic Results Marketing.

She saw early on that internet marketing was taking off, specifically in the newly established world of social media with the introduction of Myspace. During the last decade, she has focused her business on coaching and consulting other businesses and helping them with online marketing. Her company is a full-service agency that helps its clients take control of what shows up about them online and helps them showcase their strengths on the web.

What advice would you give other women business owners?

Stick together! Women in general are naturally community driven.  We need to lean on each other and learn from each other. That way you can get the support from women who get what you are doing and understand the ins and outs of business. Men don’t prioritize the same way. They can often be successful without compromising or even being expected to . Women shouldn’t have to tap into masculine energy to be successful. We can use our feminine gifts and define success how we want it, not someone else’s idea.  There are plenty of people who can help up be successful and help us achieve our goals.  I’ve heard that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most of our time with. When building a business and looking for support and advice, surround yourself with like-minded people to go to for the support and answers that you need.  

Examine who you are and what your life looks like and align yourself with people who are like you – who have the same lifestyle and goals.  About 10 years ago I reevaluated who I was spending my time with and taking advice from, businesswise. I discovered that while the people I was going to for advice were building their lives and businesses, they didn’t have my life.  Many of them were single, which I wasn’t at the time, and they didn’t have kids. I found myself feeling inadequate in their presence, but the fact was I was perfectly adequate. I was playing the comparison game, and that is the worst thing you can do.

What are some short-term goals you have for yourself and your business?

My biggest business goal right now is to continue to grow and make more money, just like everyone else.  I’ve honed-in on what I love to do and what I need to delegate in order to increase my business and achieve my goals.  I have a over a dozen people who work with me in various capacities. This allows me to stay busy and effective in growing my business.  I love public speaking so I am also looking to add more speaking and emceeing opportunities.

A slightly longer term goal (3-5 years) is that I would like to travel more and live abroad. Being a business owner, and having the kind of business I have, would allow me to live anywhere and still support myself and my family. To do that, though, my business needs to be at a whole new level, which is why I am currently in the massive growth mode I am in.

How has NAWBO helped you achieve your success?

It was 2006 when I joined NAWBO.  I had been living in Utah for a couple of years and feeling depressed.  Before I moved to Utah, my identity was mostly wrapped up in my business. After I moved here, I had a difficult time making friends, and I really didn’t know anyone who had a connection to running a full-time business. When I found NAWBO, it was like I found a home. Here were like-minded, successful, and motivated women. I could relate to them and bounce ideas off of them. They were there for me to share my success with and they were there to help me define my goals and they were there when I just needed someone to gripe to for a few minutes.  

What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

I at one time owned a restaurant, but I hate to cook. I do love to eat though, so I am always open to a lunch invitation.

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