NAWBO Member Spotlight | Margrit S. Schneider - President, Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint | NAWBO

Margrit S. Schneider

President, Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint

Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint is a collision repair shop near downtown Salt Lake City. We are Utah’s first “Green” Body shop.  We are in the business of making discerning customers happy by providing high quality collision repairs; restoring your vehicle to pre-loss condition.  We are very focused on providing a positive customer service experience; making the process as easy as possible and acting as your advocate to the Insurance company.  You always get to choose who repairs your vehicle.  It’s your legal right. I always say that we’re not in the business of fixing cars.  We’re in the business of making people happy. That’s our competitive edge. That’s what we focus on. We’ve been making customers happy since 1984.

Our ideal client is a busy professional who loves their car.  We make the repair process as easy as possible and truly care about getting their car back to them in pre-loss condition.  We repair most cars and light trucks.

My family emigrated here when I was a small child after fleeing East Germany.  We were refugees. My father started out washing cars at a VW dealership for $1.50 per hour to support our family of 5.  I was raised understanding the value of hard work. And I always felt a debt of gratitude to those who gave us a hand up. I think that’s what instilled my entrepreneurial spirit.  I started Schneider Auto Karosserie with a partner in 1984 and bought him out in 1997. I believe in treating my employees well. Our defined cultural values are Gratitude, Hard Work, Respect and Integrity.  

My advice to women is to network.  Build relationships with other strong women.  They are our allies.

In my free time I make wheel thrown pottery.  I like to garden, cook for friends and travel.

For years I’ve worked to build my business and I’ve finally gotten better at the work/life balance issue.  It’s something I’ve really had to work at. The key has been in finding and hiring the right people who I can depend on and feel confidant delegating to.  One of my challenges has been that being a very loyal person, I’ve hung on to some employees too long who have not been the right fit. It’s worth it to interview multiple times and pay more to get the right person.