Desiree Doubrox | NAWBO
2019 to 2020
Board of Directors
Retention Co-Chair

As an entrepreneur since the age of 12 Desiree has always been the founder/owner of her own businesses. After leading a successful career in real estate since 1989 as a broker, investor and creator of a seminar series entitled “From Babies & Bills to Riches in Real Estate”, Desiree still owns and operates An Empowered Woman. A global community for women professionals and entrepreneurs. training them in monetizing their expertise through multi media marketing. Teaching them how to create podcasts, videos, online books/magazines, subscription services, masterminds, affiliates, joint ventures, sponsorship and awesome live events. 

As the producer and publisher of “Let’s Talk Success”,  a digital magazine, podcast series and monthly MasterMind Dinners, Desiree showcases women who have achieved the millionaire status as they share their stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.
What’s new? HomWork. It’s where you can live where you work. Work where you live. Anywhere in the world. They acquires luxury styled homes where business women can live and work, full or part time or as a drop in. The homes include office centers, conference areas, video studios, yoga space and classrooms. Think Airbnb, meets WeWork.