Nichole MacDonald | NAWBO
2021 to 2023
Board of Directors
Corporate Liaison

Nichole is a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in the San Diego business community. Her passion for innovation, community-building, and impact have led her to creating a multi-million dollar product-based company and an exciting technology startup. Nichole is also a leader in an international ontological coach and leadership training program, where her passion for personal and professional transformation is utilized. Nichole is a single mom of two, a 16-year old boy and a 10-year old girl. She is an artist and writer, and hopes to publish her first book in 2021. She has aspirations to take her leadership experience, business acumen, and community-building spirit into the world of public office in 2022.

On the NAWBO board, she hopes to bring a flair of creativity to corporate sponsorship and partnerships where members and sponsors can experience each other in a new and inspiring way.