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Yali Bair Ruiz

Board of Directors
Director of Membership
Bair Ruiz Enterprises

Yali Bair Ruiz, PhD is a transformational consultant, speaker and chief executive of Bair Ruiz Enterprises. With decades of experience working with business leaders and boards of directors, Yali has facilitated success for organizations of all sizes.

An energetic and engaging speaker and facilitator, Yali creates a welcoming and inclusive environment to solicit the best thinking and creativity from all. Her talent for combining data analytics with wisdom and humor make her uniquely equipped to help individuals and organizations in defining and reaching big goals. Yali is currently developing a negotiation course for women, which will be delivered via in-person workshops and online.

Yali believes in taking frequent, nourishing breaks from work. To this end, she practices meditation daily, spends a lot of time at the beach with her dog and has recently taken up weaving as a colorful and relaxing hobby.

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