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Billie Frances

Guiding Mindful Change
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Billie Frances is a pioneer in the field of coaching. She started her journey as a therapist helping people heal their past.

In 1993, Billie founded Guiding Mindful Change to empower authentic living and provide pathways to passionate, peaceful, purposeful living through mindfulness classes, training, and coaching programs.

Billie Frances is passionate about teaching others how to master mindfulness techniques and make the kind of changes needed to step into the next phase of life…the one beyond their wildest dreams.

Are you ready to become one of them?

Guiding Mindful Change has become a nationwide leader in developing wellness coaching initiatives for organizations ranging from physician groups to school districts.

In 2004, Billie was sought out to design the Employee Wellness Coaching programs, a serious logistical challenge in its own right. However, with Billie’s mindful approach to the employee’s needs, she helped craft a successful program. A few of the upsides from her program? Participants report significant improvement in sustained behavior change, increased productivity, and decreased use of health care services. All of this means happier, healthier employees, and a more efficient and cost-effective workplace.

Billie’s huge heart provides her with the unlimited capacity to empower and inspire mindful transformation as a therapist, spiritual counselor, certified master coach, national trainer, and speaker. She has invested decades in developing her own skills and talents to better guide her clients and students.

Follow Billie’s guidance to a more Mindful you.

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