April 2019: Tina Greenbaum, California's #1 Optimal Performance Specialist | NAWBO

April 2019: Tina Greenbaum, California's #1 Optimal Performance Specialist

Member Spotlight for April
Tina Greenbaum, Mastery Under Pressure, Emeryville, CA
California's #1 Optimal Performance Specialist
NAWBO SFBA is pleased to boast of having Tina Greenbaum as a member.
Pioneering a powerful therapy blending traditional psychotherapy with body awareness, energy psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality...this former special education teacher is still doing something very special - just with a different audience.
It was Tina's own personal journey that led her to become so impactful as an entrepreneur. As a child, she was always driven to help others in whatever situation. She recognized early that she was a natural leader with a gift for problem solving. She fondly reflects on her father's "steady influence," his practicality and sharp business acumen. Later, she learned many of the opposite attributes in her ex-husband, his creative and big ideas, and the "roller coaster ride" that went along with them. From this, she developed the idea that anything was possible - and balanced herself between the two.
Tina believes in an intimate connection between mind and body...and it was during a yoga session she had a spiritual epiphany to answering the question: How can I help someone change at a fundamental level? The culmination of many of these answers is in her book, Mastery Under Pressure: How To Achieve An Unstoppable Mindset. This book will introduce you to a five step system to achieve your best performance in whatever situation.
How is YOUR mastery under pressure? Curious? Click this link to take a test and receive her tips for improving.
Members can join Tina's inspirational workshops and coaching programs to elevate themselves, perform at a higher level, gain greater overall self confidence, and learn the "new neuroscience" to catapult performance.
Fun Facts
  • Tina loves to dance - swing, ballroom, freestyle - and loves movement!
  • She sings and has harmonized with different choirs and choruses.
  • A nature lover, she spends time outdoors and enjoys hiking and tennis.
To contact Tina, please  email her or call 631-988-1109.
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