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Deb Doyle, Stage2 Marketing

After a long corporate career in advertising both on the client side and the agency side, Deb wanted to develop a company that would allow her to leverage her talents, combining brand insights with high level strategy and tenacious execution. Founded in 2005, Stage2 takes companies to the next stage by providing marketing that is target focused, intelligent and thoughtful.

Deb joined NAWBO because she realized that she needed to continue growing her circle of influence and to be surrounded by other women entrepreneurs. At her first event, the speaker spoke about legislative issues related to small business. She was hooked! NAWBO provided public policy and advocacy as well as regular business topics. And the atmosphere felt very inclusive. She came away feeling like these were people she wanted to spend time with, a supportive community.

The women who join NAWBO slowly embrace their membership. Deb emphasizes that you can't experience the full offerings until you show up and get involved. She encouraged other NAWBO members to meet each other and take advantage of the support and education that is offered. She has had the opportunity to meet women she wouldn't normally have met, hear about experiences she may not have heard about, share ideas about what other women are doing to drive their business, and experience a different mindset of other WBOs for a fresh perspective.

Fun Facts:

  • Deb is a proud knitter. It's rare that she doesn't have knitting needles close by.
  • She is a recovering equestrian.
  • She loves to read and she loves to cook, especially with chilies and spices. She'll try anything that looks good.
  • One of her favorite restaurants is Terzo in San Francisco. Fantastic food and owned by a woman restaurateur.

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