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Diane Camacho, DLC Consulting Services

Diane Camacho is in the business of helping attorneys manage their practice and has over thirty years of experience in law firm administration. She started her own consulting practice about four years ago, working mostly with small law firms on management issues ranging from which software to purchase to how to hire an employee. 
Diane became a NAWBO member in 2016. She was looking to connect with professional women business owners and she found her tribe. She looks to her follow members to provide support and to help her stay focused and positive. Diane is a co-facilitator for the Oakland Professional Development Forum.
The best business advice she ever received came from her mother: Be nice to the summer associates because they may become your boss one day.
Fun Facts:
  • Diana loves to read mindless romance novels to unwind and relax. 
  • She has two cats.
  • She loves a good Caprese sandwich - it reminds her of Europe.
  • She likes to walk on the Embarcadero along the water.
  • She loves to spend time with her family.
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