February 2019: Kathryn Fortin - A "Little Attitude" Can Be a Good Thing | NAWBO

February 2019: Kathryn Fortin - A "Little Attitude" Can Be a Good Thing

Kathryn Fortin, Fortech Solutions, Castro Valley, CA

Fortech Solutions has been the wizard behind the curtain since 2012. They handle all the technology behind training: E-Learning, Project Management, Training Development and Webinars. For example, if you're a presenter on a webinar, Fortech can take care of all the details in the background to ensure that it runs flawlessly. For those companies with job sites, Fortech can create the site in a virtual world so clients can take that into the classroom for a better training experience.
Hired as a Director of Technical Services for a large firm in 1995, during her first employee review, the President handed her a quote, which still hangs in her office: Some people succeed because they're destined to, but most people succeed because they're determined to. And determined she was.
Diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, Kathryn admits she had a "chip on her shoulder." But that "chip" became the fulcrum to prove that she could be successful. A "little attitude" can be a good thing. Raised by her mother, Kathryn was the first person in her family to graduate from college.
After leaving her position and starting her own business, she continued to receive referrals as an education technology specialist. One of these referrals led to an amazing project: helping at-risk youth who were presently failing algebra overcome the existing challenges so that they could ultimately receive a passing grade. She did it! This engendered her to create an online learning platform to proactively target specific areas within the subject of algebra, giving students a plethora of additional resources, including videos, to pass those areas. The project was amazing for Kathryn - a life changing experience - and she knew she wanted to be involved in more projects such as this.
Kathryn's ideal client is a growing company that needs to examine processes so all the information can be disbursed consistently throughout the company. One of her specialties is connecting non-technical stakeholders with technology...assessing and making recommendations to bridge the communication gap between technology leads and upper management so everyone is speaking the same language.
Kathryn joined NAWBO to find people with expertise in other areas and to mutually share ideas so everyone can advance and be successful. She is in the East Bay and would love to be involved in a NAWBO Connects in that area.
Fun Facts
  • Kathryn likes to cycle and play co-ed softball. She recently had knee replacement surgery and soon thereafter walked in a 5K.
  • She has a cabin near Yosemite that serves as her escape. She tries to get away as much as possible to recharge.
  • She enjoys a medium-rare ribeye steak and occasionally indulges icrème brûlée. She savors old vine Zinfandel wine as well.
  • Kathryn has two children, a daughter in high school and a son in college.
  • She speaks at e-learning conferences every year.
To contact Kathryn, please email her or call 510-244-4818.
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