January 2019: Dr. Julianna Hynes | NAWBO

January 2019: Dr. Julianna Hynes

Member Spotlight for December

Dr. Juliana Hynes, Juliana Hynes & Associates, Pittsburgh, CA

Julianna Hynes & Associates is a diversity leadership strategy and coaching firm. They help women leaders in healthcare at all stages of their leadership journey excel in their current roles and also prepare for their next opportunity.

After graduating from college, Juliana's career experiences were not always positive. She felt invisible to the leadership in spite of her efforts to advance. She didn’t think they knew what to do or how to do it - especially with a young, Black, female professional. She learned to be a leader primarily from trials and many errors that could have been avoided with the right organizational support, mentoring and development opportunities. Those earlier experiences ignited her passion to see more women advance in leadership, sharing with them - either via her coaching, speaking or writing - the lessons she's learned over the years.

Julianna also had a mentor, a family member named Janet. Janet was a graduate from Stanford, owned her own business and raised her two sons as a single mother and sole bread-winner. Had it not been for Janet, Julianna probably wouldn’t have been able to navigate the culture and politics of her first job. Janet has since passed. However, the lessons she taught still remain with Julianna and she still models herself after her.

After attending a NAWBO conference last year, Janet found the speakers, the attendees and the overall energy to be really supportive and inspiring. She was compelled to join after that first experience. How can NAWBO members help Julianna? She's interested in meeting decision makers in healthcare (or other) organizations that have the budget and responsibility for talent development (coaching, training, etc.). These typically are those who have the title of Director/Senior Director and higher and either lead a team or support a team of leaders.

Fun Facts

  • Janet loves to dance!
  • She enjoys spending time with family and friends and she and her husband have a blended family of 5.
  • As long as she has fruit, cheese and crackers to munch on throughout the day, she's happy!
  • For special occasions, she enjoys dining at Crustacean in San Francisco.

To contact Juliana, please email her or call 925-207-1578.

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