March 2019: Shelley Golden, Adding Flair for Great First Impressions | NAWBO

March 2019: Shelley Golden, Adding Flair for Great First Impressions

Member Spotlight for March
Shelley Golden, A Style Experience, Greenbrae, CA
Adding Flair for Great First Impressions
Shelley Golden is an International Personal Branding Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist and with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner and operator of A Style Experience by Shelley Golden.
Shelley works with both individuals and companies on how to attract more clients by creating a powerful, unique personal brand through clothing and one's overall image. She helps people understand how their image can be either an asset (or a liability) to stand out from the crowd and boost their confidence so that their earnings can soar!
She incorporates a bit of a European flair in how she puts an outfit together, having 15 years of international experience living in Europe and the Abu Dhabi ... and always aims for the "Wow! You look amazing" image!
After experiencing a divorce, Shelly returned to the workforce - with FLAIR. As a 4th generation in the clothing and fashion business, she had years of rich experience as an image consultant, fashion stylist, costume designer and historian, and a tailor certified in color consulting. These experiences contributed to her understanding of what it takes to create a powerful and successful personal brand. She understands the psychology behind clothing every body shape, and what it takes to make an awesome first impression as well as what colors work best to make you look younger, more approachable and more vibrant. This is her special gift and what she does best.
Two of the greatest influences in Shelley's life: 1) living in Europe for 10 years, with exposure to the variety of clothing from people around the world; and 2) living in Abu Dhabi for 4 years, with exposure to the most amazing Indian fabrics and embroideries of the beautiful saris and shalwar chimeses. She loved going to the souk to buy fabric from the best fabric mills around the world to have clothes custom made.
Shelley became a member of NAWBO so she could belong to a group of professional business women who shared the same interests, concerns and challenges as she does. She would love to connect with members to find out how they can help and support each other. She also has fun an interactive presentations, such as "How to Make an AWESOME First Impression."
The best advice she ever received? "Go with your gut (instinct)"...when having to make a difficult decision. That advice has served her well.
Fun Facts
  • Shelley enjoys gardening and flower arranging.
  • She is an advocate for powerwalking.
  • She loves to travel!
  • Shelley loves all Asian foods.
To contact Shelley, please email her or call 415-991-5209.
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